Academic Support

Supporting Families Support Their Children

At Brain Bridge we understand that families are busy and, but our first-hand experience  tells us that parent education is an important factor in the progress of their children, especially those who are navigating learning differences, social and emotional shifts aggravated by the lure of digital media.  The best predictor of student success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education [2]  When parents are engaged in their children’s school lives, students have the home support and knowledge they need not only to finish their assignments, but also develop a lifelong love of learning.  At Brain Bridge we focus on parent engagement because we have seen a profound change in our youth students when parents understand.

We also recognize the complexity of some academic challenges, and pride ourselves in our ability to coach and collaborate with parents.

Homeschool Helpers

Distance Learning Support from Credentialed Education Specialists

Oversight, quality control & assignment checks. Boost confidence and motivation. Safe socialization & personalized attention. Organization & accountability. Social-emotional learning and mindfulness!

Study Skills Workshops

Skill Building & Tutoring

Learn new homework & test-taking strategies.  Manage your time better and stay motivated and on task.  Feel confident asking questions and reduce test-taking anxiety!

Parent Engagement

Personal Growth & Education

We believe in empowering parents with opportunities for personal growth and connection.  Be inspired to learn and role model the behavior you want to see in your kids!